Terry Redlin is one of my favorite artists. He is known as a painter of light, and his paintings depict scenes of nature and wildlife. His work, showing seasonal landscapes with deer and fowl in evening light, are reminiscent of days gone by. Having grown up in a rural environment, I can easily relate to his paintings. The sculpture pictured here was inspired by Terry Redlin's painting, "Back To The Sanctuary". Terry Redlin was also a conservationist donating more than $28 million to Ducks Unlimited for the preservation of wetlands, and he also donated several million dollars worth of art to other nonprofit, conservation groups. His contribution, as an artist and conservationist, is appreciated by many. You can read more about Terry Redlin and view some of his work at www.redlinart.com.

Linda S. Montgomery

August 20, 2014

Untitled photo
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