It was another late night for me, alone, watching a television program. Other than the dialogue coming from the TV, all was quiet. The doors were locked and the blinds closed providing the comfort of security.

At night, when I am by myself, I leave the light on the deck lit, another security measure. If anything should venture onto the deck and position itself between the light and my window, its shadow will appear on my blind warning me of a possible intruder. After all, you never know when a hungry bear may try to break down your door to raid your refrigerator! Well, maybe not here in Greensboro, NC, but for the folks in Lake Tahoe and other places it has become a very real and serious problem! Here, we only have to worry about the human trespassers, which in my opinion are a lot scarier than brother bear. Of course, the folks experiencing bear trouble may disagree.

Now…I am neither paranoid nor given to imagining things that are not present. Not that I don’t have an imagination because I most certainly do, but I’m not in the habit of seeing things that don’t exist. There is an explanation for everything. Even as a child, I was fairly grounded. But on this night, for a few “magical” moments, something happened to confront my little world of reality. That something… was the visitation of a fairy.

As I said earlier, all was quiet…until something hit my window. On cue, my head turned toward the window and I looked for the presence of a shadow. My nerves felt the shot of adrenaline from being startled (preparation for that “fight or flight” scenario) and muscles tensed. However, calmness returned as I approached the window to get a closer look at the, less than menacing, silhouette. The primal response for “fight or flight” left. The sense of being startled was replaced with both fascination and the thought, “is that what it looks like?”. I stood there, mesmerized.

I watched, as a tiny creature entertained me with its shadow dance. It had large wings, but not like those of an ordinary moth or any other flying insect that normally pays a late night visit, with which I am familiar. It was much bigger. Protruding from beneath this shadowy figure's wings were two long appendages shaped like legs, and rising above its wings appeared to be two smaller limbs resembling tiny arms. The unsettling thought, “Fairy“, went through my mind. “Is it possible?”, I wondered. My little visitor was challenging my boundaries between reality and fantasy or myth. It was causing me to question the known fact that fairies don’t exist. They only live in fairy tales, but at what was I looking?!  What can I say?!  It looked like…Tinkerbelle’s shadow!

I don’t know how long I stood there, just watching. Simply opening the blind would have shown me who this nightly visitor was and satisfied my curiosity. All I had to do was open the blind. But something inside of me didn’t want to know. Instead, I wanted the magic and that sense of wonder that I once felt as a child. I wanted to believe that on the other side of the blind was the impossible, a creature of folklore, and the privilege of seeing it would be mine! So I waited, because I knew that the moment I opened the screen that separated me from the truth of what was on the other side, the magic would be gone and in its place would be reality.

Eventually, I opened the blind to meet my tiny guest. The moment to part with the spell of enchantment had come. However, reality had its own surprise in store for me. To my delight, I was gazing at one of the most beautiful creatures God has ever created. It had pale green wings that sloped off into long tails and etched upon those wings were false eyes. Its wingspan was approximately four inches. Its body was thick and white with a texture that resembled a fur coat. Right above its head were two large antennae. I was looking at a luna moth. It was the first one that I had ever seen and I was completely in awe.

We do not need to look any further than the reality of God’s creation to behold things of wonder and amazement. He has blessed us with an abundance of His creation, both known and unknown, to charm us with its design and spark our curiosity. We live in a universe of miracles. Reality is the magic.

LS Montgomery

September 24, 2010

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