I am always taking pictures of trees. I have a fascination for huge, old trees.  I enjoy their deep, bright greens of summer and vibrant foliage of autumn, but I have, perhaps, an even greater appreciation for these old men and women of the forest during the winter, after they have shed their leafy attire and laid themselves bare before us.  It is during this time of dormancy that we see their true character, formed by the elements of nature and passing of time.  They seem to say, "Look at me now.  This is who I am.  My trunk is strong and tall, my limbs gnarled and twisted, yet I am graceful.  I do the work for which my creator intended me.  I shade the earth and provide shelter to the smallest of God's creatures as well as to those created in his image.  I consume toxins from the air around me and give back to the same fresh, life giving oxygen.  My timbers provide fuel for many uses.  My boughs produce sweet fruits and nuts as food for man and beast.  Through every season, I am a beautiful ornament gracing the earth for all to see and enjoy.  I am not here by accident but rather by the deliberate hand of God."

Linda S. Montgomery

January 16, 2010

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