….And the wolves were heard baying at the moon.  Most of us have heard tales of wolves howling at a full moon but, of course, they really don’t bay at the moon.  They are simply communicating with one another by way of the ancient songs of their ancestors.  Sometimes it just happens to be on a night with a full moon.  However, who could blame them if they did.  Who would not want to serenade something so beautiful?!

On many occasions, the moon has beckoned to me, causing me to collect my camera gear and venture outside.  I can only imagine what my neighbors must be thinking, if they happen to glance out their windows and see me once again staring up at the moon taking shot after shot.  Yes, there I am again, like some kind of banshee in the middle of the night.  Perhaps, by now, they have grown accustomed to such a sight.

The moon takes the light from the sun and reflects it softly upon the earth.  Its silver-white light falls down on our faces.  It lights our path and charms us with its heavenly beauty.  Throughout the ages, mankind has celebrated it through song, poem, and prose, praising God, by whom it was created.  We set our gaze upon it and are held spellbound by its radiance.

If we humans are so captivated by the moon, are earth’s other inhabitants just as aware of its presence?  Do they peer out from their places of rest, taking notice of the beautiful light that belongs to the night, and look at it with an appreciation unique to their own senses?  If so, maybe, just maybe, wolves really do bay at the moon, offering it their own sweet songs.

© Linda S. Montgomery

February 15, 2010

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